Energetic indie quartet Mansfield delivers catchy to-the-point songs with a distinct and timeless sound. Formed in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2015, Mansfield have made honest and appealing songwriting their trademark, cleverly fusing contemporary guitar rock with the legendary 1960s Mersey Sound of Liverpool. The band has performed in Denmark, England and Germany with bands such as Atomic Swing, All The Young, John Hassall from The Libertines, Hotel Hunger, The Peawees, Rebecca Lou and Marseille.

In 2019, Mansfield signed a record deal with indie label DME and subsequently released their debut album ’Star-Crossed Lovers’ in 2020, which features the singles ‘A Place in the Sun’ and ‘Tell It Like It Is’. ‘A Place in the Sun’ became an instant hit on Danish national radio, propelling the band into the spotlight. The album ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ received 4- and 5-star reviews in Danish and international music press, and it was awarded ‘Album of the Week’ on Danish national radio, earning the band consecutive airplay ever since. Radio hosts and music critics have compared Mansfield to artists such as The Beatles, Oasis and The Kinks because of their distinct sound and anthemic songwriting.

Mansfield’s recent performances at The Cavern Club, Liverpool solidified the band’s presence on the international music scene. Several UK radio stations have picked up on Mansfield’s sound, which has often been described as more British than Scandinavian. The band has received praise from British producer Paul Schroeder, producer of The Stone Roses and The Verve, and John Hassall from the British rock band The Libertines, who both live in Denmark. In February 2023, Mansfield released their EP ‘Come Rain or Shine’ which was very well received and generated a lot of radio play in Denmark as well as internationally. So far, 13 songs have been played on Danish national radio with 4 singles in steady rotation. Mansfield are currently working on their second album set for release in 2024. Once again, they have teamed up with renowned Danish producer Morten Bue who has worked with Mew, Kashmir, José González and Tindersticks.

Mansfield consists of Christian Stage (vocals and guitar), Mathias Havelund (guitar and vocals), Mathias Wedeken (bass) and Filip Gulløv (drums). PR agencies include The Songbird HQ Promotion and Slowburn Music.