Mansfield’s energetic music is honest, direct and instantly appealing, cleverly fusing contemporary rock with the legendary 1960s Mersey Sound of Liverpool. This Danish rock band delivers catchy and to-the-point songs that ooze of toe-tapping energy. In the spring of 2020, Mansfield’s debut album ’Star-Crossed Lovers’ will be released by record label DME.

The four band members of Mansfield have made their retro-cool mod-style suits their trademark when performing. Both visually and musically, the quartet takes the audience on a journey back to the early 1960’s. The band is named after the town of Mansfield, a typical working-class town in the Northeast of England. Mansfield creates their own unique sound by mixing elements of Motown and guitar pop of the 1960’s, while legendary bands such as Travis and Oasis have influenced the songwriting. Especially lead singer Christian Stage’s vocal with its clear and characteristic sound is reminiscent of the Smiths.

The sound of British guitar rock is close to the band members’ hearts and came naturally to lead singer Christian. In his youth, he lived in Dublin, Ireland as well as in the North of England where he travelled around performing in bars and at youth clubs and schools. He noticed how the audience responded in a positive way to his direct and catchy songs, and continued to build and develop his songwriting from there.