On May 17, Danish indie rockers Mansfield will release their second album ‘For All the Right Reasons’, following their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ in 2020. Since their debut, Mansfield have been making waves across Denmark, England and Germany, sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Atomic Swing, The Peawees, All The Young and Marseille. The band’s distinct sound, influenced by British indie rock tradition, has gained attention from radio stations worldwide.

With their new album, Mansfield invite listeners on a sonic journey, blending catchy hooks with poignant lyrics. ‘For All the Right Reasons’ demonstrates a new experimental approach to sound and musical arrangements, as shown on the singles ‘Someone Else’ and ‘Dreams of Desire’ released earlier this year.

This spring, Mansfield will do several shows in Denmark and England in association with The Songbird HQ Promotion, PK Management and record label DME. ‘For All the Right Reasons’ was recorded and produced by Morten Bue. The new album will be available on all streaming services and on vinyl by May 17, 2024.